TIXEL is a revolutionary WORLD WIDE PATENTED award winning TGA Approved Aesthetic Medical Device which uses thermo-mechanical non-invasive ablative technology to resurface , tighten and rejuvenate the skin.


Tixel is not a laser, it is a revolutionary new device that uses thermo-mechanical energy to remodel and improve skin. It utilises a gold-plated metallic tip that is heated to 400 degrees celsius within a hand-piece. This tip has 81 pyramid-shaped spikes that are pressed momentarily on to the skin with a highly accurate linear motor contained within the hand-piece.

Tixel vaporises channels in the skin (controlled damage) to stimulate collagen production in order to aid rejuvenation. The heat concentrates on the upper dermis of the skin, whilst still protecting the outer layer. The channels that Tixel forms allow for deeper penetration of youth activating serums for a combined skin treatment.


As Tixel is not a laser device it is possible to treat around the eyes, close to the eyelash area, without causing injury.

  • Safe for ALL skin types (including dark skin)
  • Fast treatment (15-30 minutes)
  • Less charring and crusting
  • Less pain without anaesthesia or cooling
  • Less downtime and post care
  • No irradiation, just pure natural heat
Tixel Machine